Brief Introductions

Fashioned from the core values of its founder, Matsunami General Hospital was established in 1933, and has been fulfilling the role as this area’s major hospital ever since.  Our mission is, “Provide effective, safe, high-quality healthcare and general wellbeing for the community”. In addition to our primary objective, providing 24-hour emergency medical care and highly advanced treatments, we also deliver acute medical care. Beyond our commitment to practicing only evidence-based medicine, we are also devoted to respecting our patients, their family’s rights, and their privacy.

Outline of Facilities Matsunami General Hospital

C.E.O: Hidetoshi Matsunami
Hospital Director: Kazutoshi Matsunami
Clinical Departments: Internal medicine / Respiratory medicine / Cardiology / Gastroenterology / Hematology  / Nephrology / Neurology / General Surgery / Thoracic Surgery / Cardiovascular Surgery / Gastrointestinal Surgery / Proctology / Orthopedic Surgery / Neurosurgery / Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery / Urology / Gynecology and Obstetrics / Ophthalmology / Otorhinolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery / Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation / Radiology / Pathology / Pediatrics / Dermatology / Anesthesiology
Hospital Capacity: Hospital Beds (Normal): 501
Hospital Beds (Open-type): 12
Address: 〒501-6062

Dendai 185-1, Kasamatsu-cho, Hashima-gun, GIFU prefecture

Phone number 058-388-0111
Opening hours 8:00~11:30

Outline of Facilities Matsunami Health Promotion Clinic

Clinic Director: Humika Hanadate
Departments Internal Medicine / Respiratory Medicine / Cardiology / Gastroenterology / Hematology / Nephrology / General Surgery / Thoracic Surgery / Cardiovascular Surgery / Gastrointestinal Surgery / Proctology / Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery / Radiology / Pediatrics / Dermatology / Rheumatology
Address 10, Izumi-machi, Kasamatsu-cho, Hashima-gun, GIFU prefecture
Phone Number 058-388-0111
Opening Hours Monday – Friday 8:00〜11:30 14:00〜16:00 (reservations only)

Saturday 8:00〜11:30 (reservations only)

Transportation Guide

By Meitetsu train

■From Meitetsu Nagoya Station

15 minutes walk or 5 minutes by taxi from “Kasamatsu Station” on Meitetsu Nagoya Main Line

■From Meitetsu Gifu Station

10 minutes walk from “Nishi-Kasamatsu Station” on Meitetsu Takehana Line from Meitetsu Gifu Station.
15 minutes by taxi from “Meitetsu Gifu Station”.

By Kasamatsu “town-loop” bus

■From “Kasamatsu Station” on Meitetsu Nagoya Main Line

11 minutes by bus from “Meitetsu Kasamatsu Eki Mae” to “Jidokan Mae” bound for “Shimo Kadoma”.

Matsunami General Hospital